Humour, in the Classroom?

I tend to procrastinate….  I’ve been nibbling at the edges of the Trends and Roles assignment, but do need to get at it.  My learning partner Tim suggested that for a topic, we pick diversity, and more specifically Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. My initial forays into the on-line literature show that the subject is broad and my challenge is to find research that resonates with me.  Like most other net based activities for me, this becomes a surfing expedition!

I came across an interesting piece in a recent Faculty Focus newsletter that references to a review of Four decades of research of humor in educational settings.  This review is an excellent but lengthy read so for a quick overview of highlights I’d suggest scrolling to the final sections, Advice for Educators and Conclusion.

I’m a big believer in the benefit of levity in learning and this does resonate with me, but is there a humour trend?  Is humour increasing in the classroom or are we becoming humourless?  Does this fit within the diversity theme?  How do more culturally diverse groups of learners value or respond to humour in the classroom?  What pitfalls await the humour misstep?



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